Poetry Project

Poetry Project

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lost and Found in Narnia

Fleeing the confines of the day, the mind
All loose and well worn
Becomes the wanderer forever
Under the hazel skies  
Light drapes through branches, clinging to every willothewisp curve
As though the accidental forrest dances
Right before your eyes

*Poetry prompt: write an acrostic work based off a word chosen at random - Oct 8,2014 OctPoWriMo  Fabular: of or relating to a story, novel, or the like written in the form of a fable.

Friday, April 3, 2015

By the Bayeux

It begins 
Finding rhythm 
in steady

stitching slowly
swollen mesh

Pulling back
against the bone


 dew drips down
into your hands


Crimson splashes
white hot streaks
shuddering violet

the pink

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Coronal Mass Ejection

The early evening empties
with stillness
as the fog of the week rolls in from the sea

No resemblance
to the riotous gatherings
spilling out
on the sidewalk
spilt wine stains
on the pavement
the body
chalking evidence
of the balmy night before

I return here
time and time 
again to the place
of a now estranged family
because it knows my bones
as the many stories 
stacked neatly on the entrance table
Flirtations once swelling
crashing into the midnight hour
with slick fingers and overarching intentions
receed back
as he escapes
to his matrimony bed

Here there is no heat 
Just wine
and a short walk back 
to familiar walls

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It's far 
from the promised
Southern exposure 
Light filtering 
Blinds graciously
Left behind  

Yet this moment
In the creaking
Corners I find 
For now
And call it home

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Harvesting Words

The NaPoWriMo this year did not prove fruitful.  I was nervous about this creative endeavor; my abandonment of the October poetry project left deep wine colored welts on my confidence.  

The only cure for this ever present sting is to write daily with the disclaimer that all works are drafts.  Readership and feedback are welcomed - Kindness most appreciated.

Off to dig and root and tug and clip as much inspiration as can be found....  I hope you join me on this adventure. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rabbit Skin

The traveller has my rabbit skin

Velvet smooth
desire widens
sinks deep
in the gape

my indifferent fingertips
the back of my neck

I shouldn’t explore this luscious terrain
on a slow Sunday afternoon 
sitting alone in an empty cafe

Am I seen
as I run my fingers across
my wrists
begging loudly
for a tender grazing of teeth

so much of me
untouched for years

I have let things go
yet unfulfilled
by the ravishing
the knowing
of my rabbit skin 

mouth and thighs 
open and swell
honey pools
waiting for a precious
stamen beating
with the flick and flutter

a passing hummingbird
only one taste
he did not want more

I am left behind
and wanting


Fill the long cracks

made wise waiting
for the right

Decisions hang
in the turbid belly
of balance

It is time
to catch
a glance
a toe-hold
a break

 fall over
the fucking high note