Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life of Intrigue

It all begins with...

A good morning for a spot of writing
has some basic requirements
a spot of sun
a swish of tale 
in the tea 
a stretching sprawl across the pages
where there will be drool
and beans spilled
in the morning journal

A good evening for bit of dance
has some basic essentials
well waxed wood
spinning ankles and pointed toes
Fur flying frolic
until the dramatic
final flop to the floor

A good night for sleep
has some kneedfuls
chicken treats
cheetah charges
opera hall rehearsals
and her restful recline
in the soft warm down

a purrfect day... 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Wine Silences

Wine silences
The critic
And amplifies the dreamer's
Pensive voice

Until the witching hour

Then the critic tireless
Echoing down the hall
Driving you
To give up
comfort to scold
Then plead
For peace

Only then does the dreamer
And reluctantly
In daylight


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Riparian Gift

It is time
I head the call 
of brackish water
and fading blue silvery scale memories and grand adventures

I am pulled pole to pole 
heart strings plucked 
towards the crescendo, the big bang we all know.

I leap and fly over falls
missing curled claws and hooks
to find the turbulent shallow clearing
and lay my intentions down

My energy is waning moment by moment
leaching out with all I am worth
my salt
and the bright glow 
only once seen in a grand haul above rapids and rock
washes over my eyes
one final smile and then black

my salt streams her cheeks
as she thanks me for the life
I have given
with that
my seeds are now 
planted further than
the natal estuary
she continues the swim towards a new sea

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Too bad for the reputation
for you have a such a lovely sound

Popped cherry corks 
Long stemmed crystal toasts
the hard 

Filled full with all the promises
and mirror shadows
of untold curses 

but what if that 
is just a rumor
a wicked lie
spit and spread 
on the rank locker room walls

the sooth speaks
of an unequal bittersweet
laying claim
to what was 
already said  

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cork Taint

I miss you
when the wine 
sinks in
to my hollows
and swishes around
the sighing distance
between when
we were one
and then not

The longing leaves
rooted truffles
cellar corners
and sodden newspaper
in my mouth

But I don’t swallow
Knowing it had gone bad

Instead I pour
the black mold flecked regret
down the drain 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fish from the Sky

I can only hope
that when the trout
are dropped
from hundreds of feet
above water

That they are not 

That their fall
feels like flying

and the impact
feels like coming home. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Sophistry

I was conceived in the backseat of a white truck during a late summer thunderstorm

My mother trembling in her soaked sundress deathly afraid of lightening that cracked from sky to earth

Had locked herself out of the house and had taken shelter under the willow tree

He smiled when he saw her jumping and squealing with every growl of thunder, every forked tongue strike

Get in, he said reaching over to unlock the truck door.  She pulled her dress high on her smooth legs stepping up the on the slick running board.

She looked at the metal crates stacked on the bench seat then she looked at him, all sinewy and golden with a sideways smile

He watched her climb over to the back, her dripping wet dress plastered to her slick olive skin

We should wait out the storm he said crawling over crates and thunder rattled bottles

My mother always said I got my sea-blue eyes from the milkman...

Today's Poetry Prompt